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Lucien Brown soojaybi at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 6 08:14:31 EST 2007

  Dear KS list members,
  I would like to draw the attention of list members – especially those based in Europe – to a new educational and academic organization: European Association for Korean Language Education (EAKLE).
Dedicated to the promotion and development of Korean language education in Europe at the university level, EAKLE was formed in September this year at the 1st European Workshop for Korean Language Education, held at Warsaw University. The president of the organization is Romuald Huszcza (Warsaw University) and the vice-president is Martine Prost (Paris 7). EAKLE plans to hold bi-annual workshops, with the next of these scheduled for next year (see below). In addition, the organization hosts a web page (www.eurokorean.org) and a mailing list (http://eurokorean.org/mailman/listinfo/eurokorean_eurokorean.org). EAKLE currently covers Western and Central Europe, but plans to expand to Eastern Europe.
Memberships of EAKLE is open free of charge to all those involved in Korean language education at universities in Europe. The current list of members displayed on the web page is based on information provided by the Korea Foundation. Should anyone wish to add or delete their name from this list, please send me an e-mail.
Subscription to the mailing list is open not only to EAKLE members, but to others interested in the development of Korean language education in Europe. Your participation and enthusiasm will be much appreciated.
The next workshop is scheduled for June 11th-15th next year at the Colakli Centre of Ankara University, Turkey. Those interested in attending should contact us by December 15th. For further details, please see the website or e-mail me.
I would be grateful if those at European Universities could make sure that faculty members are aware of EAKLE and its activities.
Best regards,
Lucien Brown (SOAS, University of London)
EAKLE Webmaster

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