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Dear Kevin,

Hilary Finchum-Sung at UC Berkeley has recently done very good work on the
subject. Please check with her. I have her email address, but you may easily
find it on the web (and I am wary of sending email addresses over the web
because of spam).



On 14/12/07 5:26 PM, "kevin at macosx.com" <kevin at macosx.com> wrote:

> I wonder if there are any folks on this list who are doing, or have
> done some work on ch'ang jak kukak. I remember years ago bumping into
> folks here in Seoul who were investigating and writing about such
> things.  I suddenly find myself having to look into this area and I am
> trying to find a path forward and also trying to decide which
> musicians/pieces/approaches I might investigate. I am interested in
> everything from the barely neo-traditional (some Kim Young-Jae pieces,
> for example, seem to spring seamlessly from the existing repertoire)
> to hybrids and experimentalists (Kim Jin Hi) and am especially younger
> folks (like Won-il). Of course there is Hwang Byoung-gi, Im
> Dong-ch'ang and others. Named above are mostly traditional music
> musicians who create new pieces drawing on that tradition.
> On the other hand are "Composers" who have western art music type
> training who integrate elements from traditional music in some way.
> These are folks like Yun i sang, Hwang Sung-ho, Young-hi Pagh-pan,
> Kang Sukhi and others, including those mentioned in the Babcock
> article (Korean Composers in Profile, Tempo 1995).
> In any case, I would like to know what else there is and what
> scholarship might be under way on the topic.
> I would be interest to to have folks point me to works that either
> exemplify a specific approach or aesthetic (towards integrating
> traditional musical materials or ideas) or just pieces that seems
> "successful" or extraordinary in some way.
> cheers,
> Kevin Parks

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