[KS] Research opportunity on 50s/60s Korean development

Stephen Epstein Stephen.Epstein at vuw.ac.nz
Wed Dec 19 07:35:59 EST 2007

Dear all,

Journalist/author Michael Breen has asked for the following to be posted:


I am looking for a student or scholar who might be interested in the 50s/60s period of 
Korea's early development and who might be interested in collaborating with a government official from that period who is keen to tell his stories. The gentleman in question was the planning 
director at the Ministry of Reconstruction under Syngman Rhee and Chang Myon, and also served in the early years under Park. He was responsible for distributing American aid, was 
the author of Korea's First Five-Year Plan, developed the plan for the Economic Planning Board, and came up with the forerunner of the Saemaul Movement. He doesn't have a fixed idea but would like to do more than just be interviewed. This might be interesting for a PhD student looking at that period. 

If you know anyone, please ask them to contact Michael Breen at breenmike at gmail.com or KR +82 <javascript:void(0);>  112595646 Call <javascript:void(0);> 

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