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Greetings! The Academy of Korean Stuides has been conducting the Grant Programs.
I would be very grateful if you could forward the announcement below to the Korean Studies newsgroup. 
Thank you in advance.
Korean Studies Grant 2007 
The aim of the program is to deepen world's understanding of Korea by supporting academic activities that will help spread Korean Studies around the world and nurture talented scholars of Korean Studies. Another key purpose The Academy of Korean Studies(AKS) is dedicated to achieve is to enhance the universality and quality of Korean Studies through its support of activities undertaken by overseas researchers of Korean Studies. 
Ⅰ. Programs 
 1. Visiting Lectureship 
The program intends to assist universities in promoting Korean Studies by dispatching appropriate lecturers. 
 2. Research 
The program intends to sponsor projects related to Korean Studies including research papers and books. 
 3. Academic Forums 
The program intends to invigorate academic forums hosted by Korean Studies research organizations. 
 4. Journal Publications 
The program intends to promote publications of Korean Studies papers. 
 5. Subsidy Publishing 
The program intends to assist a researcher's publication on his/her own account related Korean Studies. 
 6. Encouragement of Research 
The program intends to encourage a researcher whose article was published in the journal registered in international official journal. 
Ⅱ. Support Level and Period 
 1. Support Level 
 a. Visiting Lectureship 
The following support is provided directly to the visiting lecturer. Subsistence allowance(salary), round-trip airfare(economy class) and $100 of monthly expenses for teaching materials 
 b. Research 
Stipends, expenses for books, materials, transportation and others 
 c. Academic Forums 
Honorarium, expenses for travel, accommodations, proceeding publication, conference venue rental fee and others. 
 d. Journal Publication 
 Salaries, expenses for editing/screening committee, publication, distribution and others. 
 e. Subsidy Publishing 
Some of the amount paid by a author 
 f. Encouragement of Research 
$3,000 per published article 
* Korean Studies Grant is exempted from overhead costs. 
 2. Support Period 
The fund is given for one year basis but mid-long term continuing support for visiting lectureship is available if an applicant institution has a mid-long term plan for promoting Korean Studies and support for visiting professor with improved conditions and convenience. 
Ⅲ. Application Submission and Review 
 1. Who may submit applications 
Full time academic members affiliated in institutions related to Korean Studies outside of Korea. 
* The following 2 categories will be considered with different conditions. 
 a. Subsidy Publishing : Authorswho made a contract with a publisher without any support related publication. 
 b. Encouragement of Research : Researcher whose article was published in an international journal registered for A&HCI, SSCI or SCI. The journal containing an applied article is required to have been published in 2006. 
 2. Who may not apply 
 a. Previous awardees from the Academy of Korean Studies, the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development(MOE&HRD), and the Korean Research Foundation who failed to submit required reports or were underthe regulation related a low grade are not eligible. 
 b. Previous awardees who under the regulation related failingto use the grant to implement the project in the approved grant are not eligible. 
 3. How to submit proposals 
 a. Proposals should be drawn in AKS's application form and must have all required signatures. 
 b. All the documents required for application should be written in Korean or English. 
 4. Required documents 
 a. Three original applications (AKS's Form) with one CD or disk containing the completed application form. 
 b. Project Director's certificate of employment 
 c. Required documents(See Application form) 
 5. Submission Deadline : March 15, 2007 
 Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. 
 6. Notification 
 Those selected will be notified individually by email in April, 2007. Announcement for visiting lecturers will be made in June, 2007. 
* Application forms and guidelines are available from the AKS website. 
*Inquiries should be directed to : 
 Hyojin Jeon 
 International Support Division, Center for Information on Korean Culture 
 The Academy of Korean Studies 
 50 Unjung-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 463-791, 
 Republic of Korea 
 Tel : 82-31-709-9843 Fax : 82-31-709-9945 
 E-mail : congress at aks.ac.kr 
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