[KS] "Street of Ash"

David Kilburn kilburn at gol.com
Thu Feb 8 13:21:05 EST 2007

Dear List members,

Page 21 of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's master plan (2001) for 
the restoration of Bukchon reads:

" Jae-Dong : Jae-dong, located between Seoul Jongno-gu, Kahoi-dong, 
and Anguk, was also called Jaet-gol (Street of Ash) and Hwe-dong( ). 
Named after the "jae," or ash, left after burning, Jae-dong is said 
to have been the site of violent killings during the Chosun era when 
ash was spread to get rid of the smell of blood. "

Does anyone have more specific historical details, or anything to 
augment this ?

Thank you

David Kilburn

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