[KS] Regional Seminar on Korea at Columbia

Hwisang Cho hc2059 at columbia.edu
Mon Feb 19 10:37:13 EST 2007

Center for Korean Research, Columbia University
Regional Seminar on Korea
Friday February 23, 2:00-6:00 PM
918 IAB Building

Communication and Community in Late Chosôn Korea

Panel 1:  Law, Class, and Gender
Chair: Charles Armstrong (Columbia)

Joy Kim (Princeton), Slavery and Late Chosôn Literary Imagination

Jisoo Kim (Columbia), Striking a Gong: An Act of Petitioning in Late
Chosôn Korea

Discussant: Anders Karlsson (SOAS, London)

Panel 2:  Language, Genre, and Space
Chair: Joerg Plassen (Bochum, Germany)

Hwisang Cho (Columbia), A New School is not just for New Learning:
T'oegye's Sôwôn Movement and the Rediscovery of Letter Writing.

JaHyun Kim Haboush (Columbia), The War of Words: The Emergence of a
Vernacular National Space in the Imjin War

Discussant: Brinkley Messick (Columbia)

Panel 3: Belief, Religion and Nation
Chair: Gari Ledyard (Columbia)

Bonnie Kim (Columbia),  'Que Dieu Nous Benisse': Commentary on the
Relationship between Kim Taegôn and the Missions Etrangeres de

George Kallander (Syracuse), Words to Heal, Words to Bind: Ch’oe
Cheu and Tonghak Religious Texts

Discussant: Anders Karlsson

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