[KS] A new book

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Mon Jan 22 00:34:34 EST 2007

Members of the List might like to know that a bilingual (Korean / 
English) volume of poems by Kim Kwang-Kyu "A Journey to Seoul" has 
recently been published in Seoul by DapGae Publishing, in their ongoing 
series. The poems in this volume are those which remained in my files 
after the publication in 2005 of "The Depths of a Clam" by White Pine 
Press, and there is no overlap between the contents of the 2 volumes. 
Both volumes contain a number of translations originally published in 
1991 in "Faint Shadows of Love," that has not been in print for about 10 
years, as well as many previously unpublished translations. Volumes in 
the DapGae series can be most easily obtained through the Seoul 
Selection online bookstore 
DapGae are also about to publish a bilingual version of Kim Seung-Hui's 
"I want to Hijack an Airplane."

I would also like to ask if any members have experience in teaching a 
course in "Comparative Literature" moving between 20th-century Korean 
literature and the British / American literature of the same period? I 
am in (desperate) search of inspiration for my next semester's courses 
on this topic.

Brother Anthony
Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

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