[KS] Inquiry about Andrew Jonah Grajdanzev (Andrew J. Grad)

Frank Joseph Shulman fshulman at umd.edu
Wed Jan 24 10:17:22 EST 2007

Dear Colleagues,

I am seeking the following information about Andrew Jonah Grajdanzev (Andrew J. Grad), the author of the book "Modern Korea" published by the Institute of Pacific Relations in 1944:

(1) Year of death  (He was born in 1899)

(2) Name of the faculty member at Columbia University who directed his dissertation "Modern Korea: Her Economic and Social Development under the Japanese" that he completed in 1943, published under the title "Modern Korea" in 1944, and for which he received his Ph.D. degree in 1945

(3) His academic major or academic department at Columbia University

My efforts up to now to obtain this information directly from Columbia University unfortunately have not been fruitful.

Thank you very much for whatever assistance can be extended in this regard.

Best wishes,

Frank Joseph Shulman

January 24, 2007

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