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Almost Korean? Difference and Inequity in (Re)Emerging Korean Identities
American Anthropological Association Meetings, Washington D.C. Nov 28-Dec 2, 2007

This panel concerns the recent discovery and returns of 'Korea's others',  examining
dynamics of power, identity,
and citizenship relative to conceptions of difference, equality and the nation.  The "others"
we refer to may be
either internally and externally located with respect to national territory--but we are
interested in social groups
that rest uncomfortably on the boundary of national inclusion and exclusion, and thereby
trouble the definition of
that boundary.  We encourage new approaches to analyzing constructions of identity and
difference in South
Korea, linking past and present, while situating these within contemporary debates and
discourses of justice,
human rights and South Korean modernity.  The papers will address how anthropological
analyses of identity and
personhood can be productively linked to cultural activism, social justice movements, and
policy reform and will
critically explore the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities raised by these engagements.

PLEASE SEND SUBMISSIONS AND QUERIES TO slgage at indiana.edu or eleana.kim at nyu.edu
Paper abstracts must not exceed 250 words.

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