[KS] Posthumous marriage in Korea

Marko Rajakko marko.rajakko at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 01:51:07 EDT 2007

Dear members of the list,

I am currently conducting research on posthumous marriage (사후결혼,
sahugyeolhon) in Korea, past and present. Unfortunately I have not been able
to find that many books, good or bad, of the topic in question. Therefore I
would appreciate if members of this list could take the time and suggest me
book recommendations. Other helpful input will be appreciated as well. I am
currently in South Korea and have "raided" numerous bookstores, few
university libraries and the National Library at Seocho. So far my best
findings include books such as:

- 노성환: 동아시아의 사후결혼 (No Seonghwan: Dongasiaui sahugyeolhon)
- 최길성: 한국의 무당 (Choi Gilseong: Hangukui mudang)
- 최길성: 한국의 조상숭배 (Choi Gilseong, Hangukui josangsungbae)
- 최길성: 한국무속의 이해 (Choi Gilseong: Hangukmusokui ihae)

As you can see from the list, only No's book really concentrate on
posthumous/ghost/spirit marriage. So if you are aware of a book that you
think might help me, please do not hesitate to share your knowledge with me
and other members of the list.

With Best Regards from rainy Seoul,

Marko Rajakko

PS. I apologize if the hangeul did not come through in understandable form.
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