[KS] DPRK refugee translation project ideas?

Dr. Edward D. Rockstein ed4linda at yahoo.com
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Michael, You might find something of interest by browsing around this website:
  Happy hunting!
  Ed Rockstein

Leonid Petrov <petrov at coombs.anu.edu.au> wrote:
    Dear Michael,
  A collection of media articles, interviews, and short research papers on DPRK refugees is available at http://north-korea.narod.ru/defectors_new.htm  
  Its archive covers the period of 2000-2005 and has many links to related sites.
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  On 05/07/07, Michael Park <linguamichael at gmail.com> wrote:       Greetings,
  I am seeking advice on a translation project (Korean to English) I 'm undertaking as a side project. The topic I' ve settled on is "Refugees from the DPRK ", and I'm looking for materials that are at present unavailable in English, of rather short length (journal articles or short books, rather than full-length treatises) and of suitable interest for an English audience. Being rather ignorant of the literature related to this topic, I 'd be much obliged if anyone on this list could graciously point me in the right direction, refer me, etc.
  Michael Park

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