[KS] DPRK refugee translation project ideas?

Janelli, Roger L. janelli at indiana.edu
Thu Jul 5 02:32:47 EDT 2007

Dear Michael Park,

You might try contacting the website of the Nambok Munhwa Tonghap Kyoyukweon, which is affiliated with a school for former North Korean children. It can be found at www.koreatogether.org. It also publishes a newsletter, Deobureo mujigae.  

Roger L. Janelli

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Subject: [KS] DPRK refugee translation project ideas?

I am seeking advice on a translation project (Korean to English) I'm
undertaking as a side project. The topic I've settled on is "Refugees from
the DPRK", and I'm looking for materials that are at present unavailable in
English, of rather short length (journal articles or short books, rather
than full-length treatises) and of suitable interest for an English
audience. Being rather ignorant of the literature related to this topic, I'd
be much obliged if anyone on this list could graciously point me in the
right direction, refer me, etc.


Michael Park

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