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There is one recent female divinity you might want to look at, though she 
is unknown to most Koreans. Jeungsando, one of Korea's new religions, 
worships Taemonim (The Great Mother), the woman who was the wife of Kang 
Jungsan,  Kang is worshipped in Jeungsangdo as Sangjenim, the Surpeme Lord 
of the Universe. There are quite a few religions in Korea that workship 
Kang Jungsan but, as for as I know, Jeungsando is the only one that also 
worships his wife. You can find out more about her at 

There is also a growing movement in Korea to "recover" the purported 
ancient worship of Mago, the Great Goddess. However, Mago worship is an 
invented tradition that can only be traced back to the 1980s and the 
"discovery" of an ancient Korean sacred text, the Budoji. An uncrtical 
account of the Mago myth can be found at 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budoji.  Dahn World is the primary promoter of 
Mago as the Mother Goddess.

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>Dear members,
>I am currently writing my Ph.D. dissertation in Malaga University 
>about Korean Women religious practices and in particular about the 
>practices and devotions related to female divine figures. I will be 
>grateful if you have any suggestion about the topic or any 
>indication you think may be relevant for my study.
>Thank you very much and it is a real pleasure to be part of this 
>Antonio J. Domenech

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