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Dear Antonio J. Domenech,

My 1999 book _Spirit Of The Mountains: Korea's San-shin
and Traditions of Mountain-Worship_ contains a fairly 
long discussion of female Mountain-Spirit (with several
photos of their icons) and the general issue of the 
genders of Mountain-Spirits, in Chapter II.

And then I posted a three page "update" report on 
Korea's most prominent female Mountain-Spirit, kind of 
a national Matriarch-deity, the Cheonhwang-bong seongmo-
halmae sanshin [Heavenly-King Peak Holy-Matriarch 
mountain-spirit], on three pages starting at:

Good Luck with your reasearch/writing...
David Mason

--- Antonio Jos?Dom?ech del R?
<antoniojdomenech at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear members,
> I am currently writing my Ph.D. dissertation in Malaga
> University (Spain) about Korean Women religious prac-
> tices and in particular about the religious practices
> and devotions related to female divine figures.
> I will be very grateful if you have any suggestion
> about the topic or any bibliographic indication you
> think may be relevant for my study.
> Thank you very much and it is a real pleasure to be
> part of this mailing list,
> Antonio J. Domenech

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