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David Mason mntnwolf at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 30 05:55:24 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,

My current research leads me to consider which of the 
great historic Korean Buddhist temples were founded 
by which of the great monks.  We've all seen many times
temple-history statements on-site or in books that say
that X-X-sa was founded by Wonhyo-daesa, Doseon-guksa,
Ado, Yeon-gi, Uisang-daesa, Jinul Bojo-guksa, whomever.
In each individual case there may be more or less 
evidence to back up these claims, but anyway the claim 
of being founded by a famous monk is made by the temple
itself or the Order or by historians of Korean Buddhism.

I have been searching for listings of who founded which
temple -- both a general list covering all traditional 
temples (those founded before 1900) and specific lists
for each of the great monks -- which temples Wonhyo is 
said to have founded, which ones Doseon is said to have
founded, and so on -- hopefully including the date of 
foundation and the temple's location.

To my surprise, I cannot yet find any such lists, either
on-line or in my university library, neither in Korean 
nor in English.  The Jogye Order does not seem to provide
such information, which is even more surprising. It seems
like this would be rather basic information, valuable for
a variety of studies on Korea's religious history / 
cultural geography / tourism.  Surely some professors 
must already have made these lists.....?

Does anyone know where I can find this kind of database?
On-line would be best of course, so that it could be 
easily shared with other scholars, easily copied and 
individually edited for the purpose of each particular 
research project...

Best Regards,
David Mason

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