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Dear Colleagues,
  I am happy to announce the publication of Acta Koreana Vol.10, No. 2. Its table of contents may be found below. Acta Koreana is published semi-annually on 15 January and 15 July and accepts submissions of academic articles, literary translations, interviews and book reviews throughout the year. All submissions should be sent as MS Word file attachments to editor at kmu.ac.kr. For subscription enquiries please contact the managing editor at acta at kmu.ac.kr. Individual copies of the journal may be purchased on-line from www.seoulselection.com. 
  Best regards,
  Michael Finch
  Associate Editor
  Acta Koreana
  Preserving the Lore of Korean Antiquity:
  An Introduction to Native and Local Sources in Iryŏn's Samguk yusa
  By Richard D. McBride, II                                                                           1-38
  New Women, Romance, and Railroads:
  The Paradox of Colonial Modernity
  By Kelly Jeong                                                                                          39-72
  Sin Yunbok's Kisaeng Imagery: 
  Subtle Expression of Emotions under the Women's Beautiful Facade
  By Saehyang P. Chung                                                                             73-100
  The Revivalist and Fundamentalist Theology of Rev. Kil Sŏn-ju:
  Commemorating the Centenary of the Great Revival of 1907 
  in P'yŏngyang
  By Jae-Buhm Hwang                                                                                101-119
  "We Teach Shame!" and "Invitation" by Pak Wansŏ
  Translated by Teresa Kim and Jessica Ji Eun Lee 
  with an introduction by Bruce Fulton                                                    121-148
  An Interview with Professor Michael C. Kalton
  Conducted by Weonsik Hong                                                               149-159
  Korean Perceptions of the United States: A History of Their Origins and Formation, by Young Ick Lew, Byong-kie Song, Ho-min Yang, and Hy-sop Lim, translated by Michael Finch. 
  James E. Hoare                                                                                       161-165
  Competition and Corporate Governance in Korea: Reforming and Restructuring the Chaebol, edited by Sung-Hee Jwa and In Kwon Lee.                                                          
  David Hundt                                                                                          165-169
  Overlooked Historical Records of the Three Korean Kingdoms, compiled by Ilyeon (Iryŏn) and translated by Kim Dal-Yong.
  Remco E. Breuker                                                                                 170-173
  Famine in North Korea: Markets, Aid and Reform, by Stephen Haggard and Marcus Noland. 
  Brian Myers                                                                                           173-176
  The Voice of the Governor General and Other Stories of Modern Korea, by Hwang Suk-Young et al., translated by Chun Kyung-Ja.
  Theodore Hughes                                                                                176-180
  North Korea in the 21st Century: An Interpretative Guide, by James E. Hoare and Susan Pares. 
  Bernhard Seliger                                                                                180-183
  South Korean Golden Age Melodrama: Gender, Genre, and National Cinema, edited by Kathleen McHugh and Nancy Abelmann.
  Remco E. Breuker                                                                                 183-187
  The Culture of Fengshui in Korea. An Exploration of East Asian Geomancy, by Hong-key Yoon.
  Sem Vermeersch                                                                                    187-190

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