[KS] The Chamgok p'ildam by Kim Yuk

Adam Bohnet mixoparth at yahoo.ca
Wed Jun 13 14:31:44 EDT 2007

I wonder if anyone has had experience working with the
Chamgok P'ildam, a miscellany by the illustrious Kim
Yuk (1580-1658). I have had trouble getting hold of a
copy. It is not present in the Chamgok yugo or the
Chamgok chOnjip (it absence in the latter established
by the Han'gukhak chungang haeje, its absence in the
former by my own eyes). There is a copy present in the
Kyujanggak, but I am far from Seoul right now. It is a
seemingly well-known work, so I would be surprised if
it has not been published in a collection of some

I have requested the Inter Library Loan of the Han'guk
sihwa ch'ongp'yon, volume 3, (Cho Chong-Op ed) which
purports to include the Chamgok p'ildam, but I worry
that it might only include excerpts concerned with
poetics. Does anybody know? I had a bad experience
with the Song'gyOngji (gazetteer of KaesOng) which the
National Library claims includes the Chamgok p'ildam,
but in which the Chamgok p'ildam does not appear to be
present (it may of course be cunningly concealed, but
doesn't appear in any headings).

Are there are any other collections which would hold
the Chamgok p'ildam in its entirety? I am afraid I am
rather desperate to read all of it, as I need to
confirm a rather interesting quotation from it which I
found in a late eighteenth century source, and also
want to establish the context of that quotation. As it
is a miscellany, excerpts are all too likely not to
include the bits that I need to read most.

I am sorry to bother the list on this subject. By the
way, if someone has a photocopy of the Kyujanggak
version and would like to send it to me, a king¡¯s
ransom would not be offered, but photocopy fees,
postage and my gratitude most certainly would. At some
point alcohol or food would also be provided, but
geography and import laws might delay that aspect of
my gratitude. Of course, this calculation ignores the
establishment of the Taedong through the reversion to
propriety and actualization of humanity that such
sincere action by scholars would encourage. ^^

Yours sincerely,

Adam Bohnet 
University of Toronto

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