[KS] The Chamgok p'ildam by Kim Yuk

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Dear Adam,

You could have thought of us in soliciting help in acquiring the materials. I will have one of our Kyujanggak researchers to contact with you. eunsu
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>I wonder if anyone has had experience working with the
> Chamgok P'ildam, a miscellany by the illustrious Kim
> Yuk (1580-1658). I have had trouble getting hold of a
> copy. It is not present in the Chamgok yugo or the
> Chamgok chOnjip (it absence in the latter established
> by the Han'gukhak chungang haeje, its absence in the
> former by my own eyes). There is a copy present in the
> Kyujanggak, but I am far from Seoul right now. It is a
> seemingly well-known work, so I would be surprised if
> it has not been published in a collection of some
> sort. 
> I have requested the Inter Library Loan of the Han'guk
> sihwa ch'ongp'yon, volume 3, (Cho Chong-Op ed) which
> purports to include the Chamgok p'ildam, but I worry
> that it might only include excerpts concerned with
> poetics. Does anybody know? I had a bad experience
> with the Song'gyOngji (gazetteer of KaesOng) which the
> National Library claims includes the Chamgok p'ildam,
> but in which the Chamgok p'ildam does not appear to be
> present (it may of course be cunningly concealed, but
> doesn't appear in any headings).
> Are there are any other collections which would hold
> the Chamgok p'ildam in its entirety? I am afraid I am
> rather desperate to read all of it, as I need to
> confirm a rather interesting quotation from it which I
> found in a late eighteenth century source, and also
> want to establish the context of that quotation. As it
> is a miscellany, excerpts are all too likely not to
> include the bits that I need to read most.
> I am sorry to bother the list on this subject. By the
> way, if someone has a photocopy of the Kyujanggak
> version and would like to send it to me, a king¡¯s
> ransom would not be offered, but photocopy fees,
> postage and my gratitude most certainly would. At some
> point alcohol or food would also be provided, but
> geography and import laws might delay that aspect of
> my gratitude. Of course, this calculation ignores the
> establishment of the Taedong through the reversion to
> propriety and actualization of humanity that such
> sincere action by scholars would encourage. ^^
> Yours sincerely,
> Adam Bohnet 
> University of Toronto
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