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Eun-su Cho escho at snu.ac.kr
Sat Jun 16 20:29:49 EDT 2007

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Per Adam's query, as Head of the Exchange Division of the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, I'd like to let you know that there is a public relations team at the Kyujanggak Archives that responds to special requests for getting copies of materials in their collection. I checked the catalogue and the material that you are looking for is under a slightly different title of _Chamgok sOnsaeng p'iltam_ (# kyu 6685). They would collect a nominal fee for the service, but it's  usually not that much. In your case, just contact them directly via email at kiks at snu.ac.kr and explain that you're an overseas researcher. They will be happy to assist your research.

By the way, if you would ever need to use the Archives for more extensive purposes, there is a travel grant program that just started this year. For those researchers coming from North America they provide 1,500,000 won (approx. $1,600). You can fill out a simple application form that you can download at http://e-kyujanggak.snu.ac.kr/edu/edu01_3.jsp (sorry the page is not in English yet). Evaluations are done on a rolling basis, so anytime you are interested, please take advantage of that opportunity. 

I hope this information is useful for you. Good luck! 


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