[KS] Inquiry: legal terms & translation

Bongsoo Park park0350 at umn.edu
Mon Jun 18 13:22:15 EDT 2007

Dear Korean Studies Discussion Listers

I hope someone can help me out. I mention Korean laws in my  
dissertation (I have no training whatsoever in law or linguistics)  
and I ran into problems with finding appropriate/ equivalent/ correct  
English terms for Korean legal terms. I did not find any reference  
books or Korean-English legal dictionary about it either.

For instance, how to translate
1) citing laws: 법률 제16호, 제2조, 제1항, 제1조  (article,  
section, clause??)
2) 법정주의 (court of law?? rule of law?)
3) Is 민법 translated to "The Korean Civil Code" or "The Korean  
Civil Ordinance"? Do terms "code" and "ordinance" make a difference  
as legal terms, not as common understanding and usage?

Does anyone know of good resource/ reference for non-legal scholars  
who use legal terms and have to translate them from Korean to English?
Thank you.

Bongsoo Park
Ph.D. candidate
American Studies
University of Minnesota

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