[KS] KLTI Translation Academy

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Thu Mar 8 20:39:10 EST 2007

I would like to draw attention to a new initiative by the Korea 
Literature Translation Institute. This year they are offering a 
2-semester weekly (Wednesday) evening program (with a summer break) for 
upcoming would-be literary and cultural translators that they are 
calling (if I may spell it thus) 'Beonyeok Academy'. They are now 
inviting applications from people who might be interested, the deadline 
being next Wednesday March 14. Separate classes will be conducted in 
English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Japanese, though 
sometimes there will be speial joint lectures for all those 
participating. There is an initial registration fee of Won 100,000 and 
applicants have to submit a 2-page sample translation. For those 
accepted, there will be no further charge, the course is free. I must 
confess that the person charged with the English-language section is the 
same as the person writing this message, and I would very much like to 
have as many really enthusiastic participants as possible. So please, 
apply, or encourage potential (or actual) translators to apply. The 
level will depend on who applies, since there will have to be a minimum 
number of accepted applicants for the course to open. I hope that some 
rather experienced folk might consider coming along for the ride!

Full details are available in the KLTI home page http://www.ltikorea.net/

Obviously, residence in the ROK is required. I will later suggest making 
a cyber-academy, if anyone thinks it's a good idea.

By the way, KLTI staff have assured me that their home page should be 
fully accessible by every kind of browser, so if anyone has any problem 
accessing it because of encoding (see previous mails) you should please 
send them an email giving full details so they can correct it.

Brother Anthony (who has now retired and has become an Emeritus 
Professor, only teaching 2 courses this semester)
Sogang University, Seoul


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