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Call for book reviews
  From: North Korean Review
  Book Review Editor
  Dr. Bernhard Seliger
  c/o Hanns Seidel Foundation
  501, Soo Young Bdlg. 
  64-1, Hannam-1-Dong
  Seoul 140 886
  Republic of Korea
  e-mail: seliger at hss.or.kr
  bjseliger at yahoo.de
  website: www.hss.or.kr
  Dear KS-List members, 
  please allow me to introduce North Korean Review and its book review service to you. The North Korean Review is the first academic journal in North America or Europe to focus exclusively on North Korea. The purpose of NKR is to provide readers with an improved understanding of the country’s complexities and the threat it presents to global stability. International and interdisciplinary, NKR is a refereed journal published twice a year. Topics include culture, history, economics, business, religion, politics, and international relations, among others. The readership of North Korean Review is based in the US as well as in East Asia and Europe. You can learn more about North Korean Review at http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/nkr.html. 
  From the next issue, North Korean Review will include book reviews on a regular basis. If you are interested in reviewing books on North Korea (broadly understood, with topics including politics and international relations, the Northeast Asian security environment, economics, culture, arts etc.), you can contact me at: bjseliger at yahoo.de. 
  Currently we have the following books for review: 
  Kim Kyuryoon (2005), Energy Cooperation with North Korea: Issues and Suggestions, Seoul: KINU. 
  Lee, Keumsoon (2006), the Border-crossing North Koreans: Current Situations and Future Prospects, Seoul: KINU. 
  Park Young-Kun et al. (2006), The North Korean Nuclear Test and the Future of Northeast Asia, Seoul: KINU. 
  Lim Soon-Hee et al. (2006), White Paper on Human Rights in North Korea, Seoul: KINU. 
  Books can be send to the book review editor (see my address below). All books sent in will receive a short abstract and as many books as possible are reviewed. 
  Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance!
  Yours sincerely, 
  Bernhard Seliger
  Dr. Bernhard Seliger
  Resident Representative
  Hanns Seidel Foundation 
  Seoul Office
  501, Soo Young Bldg. 
  64-1 Hannam-1-Dong
  Republic of Korea
  Tel. ++ 82 2 790 5344
  Fax. ++ 82 2 790 5346
  e-mail: seliger at hss.or.kr
Web-Site: www.hss.or.kr

Dr. Bernhard Seliger

Hanns Seidel Stiftung - Seoul Office

Room 501, Soo Young Bldg., 64-1, Hannam 1 Dong, Yongsan-gu

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tel.+ 82 2 790 5344

Fax. + 82 2 790 5346
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