[KS] Spaces of Korean phrases in Library catalog

Clark W Sorensen sangok at u.washington.edu
Sat Mar 31 21:33:12 EDT 2007


If you are talking Korean script (hangul) I think libraries should follow the word division practices of Korea. If it is romanization, on the other hand, the current practices of LC are fine.


On Fri, 30 Mar 2007, Hyokyoung Yi wrote:

> Dear Korean scholars,
> I'm a Korean studies librarian at the University of Washington.  I'd like to 
> hear your comments and feedbacks from you on a topic, which is about the 
> upcoming change in the practice of transcribing Korean non-roman characters in 
> the library catalogs.
> Some US libraries have followed the rule of keeping space in Korean characters 
> based on the rule of MR Romanization word division.   (e.g. 
> 중국<space>그리고 <space>조선족)
> Other libraries used the rule of keeping all Korean characters without any 
> space. (e.g.  중국그리고조선족)
> With the merge of two systems in library catalogs, librarians are pressured to 
> quickly come up with an ideal solution in this matter.  The solution could be 
> something other than these two current practices (e.g. Follow Korean word 
> division rule, or use spaces based on physical book's description).  There are 
> many pros and cons in both ways and there are many technical issues involved to 
> consider for the final decision making.
> Nonetheless, I'd still appreciate if you could share your comments from the 
> perspective of USERS on which way you would prefer to see Korean language 
> materials' display in your library catalog either with space or no space or 
> something else.
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