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I am pleased to announce the recent publication of Korean Studies Forum, Vol. 2, co-edited by Hyuk-Rae Kim and Chaihark Hahm.  This book was published by the Yonsei University Press.This book includes the works by the following contributors:1.  Introduction: A Field in Search of an Identity (Hyuk-Rae Kim and Chaihark Hahm)2.  Korean Studies' Dilemma: Area Studies versus a Disciplinary Approach (Hong Yung Lee)3.  Uncertainty in Foreigh Policy Making: A Bayesian Game Analysis of Korea (Hee Min Kim and Jun     Y. Choi)4.  Time to Leave the US Behind?: The EU and Inter-Korean Relations (Carl J. Saxer)
5.  Russia and North Korea, 1992-2006: From Distant Allies to Normal Neighbors (Seung-Ho Joo)6.  The Social Understanding of the Ajumma (Bernard Rowan)7.  Cultural Content in Korean Musci Made with Computers (Christopher Dobrian)8.  Divining Capital: Fortunetelling and the Consumption of Fate in Everyday Life (David Kim)9.  Language, Commodity and the City: The Production of Urban Literature in Colonial Korea      (Jina Kim)10. Proletarian Literature for the Nation: Chang Hyok-Ju and Hell of the Starving (Samuel Perry)11. The Recuperation of Judas Iscariot in Powtwar Korean Literature: The Making of a Nationalist      Revolutionary (Yoo-Jung Kong)Sincerely,Hyuk-Rae KimProfessor, Korean Studies ProgramDirector, Institute of Modern Korean StudiesGraduate School of International StudiesYonsei University

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