[KS] redistributive politics, central-local finance system in SK

Namhee Lee namhee at chwe.net
Tue Nov 6 23:15:46 EST 2007

Dear list members:
A colleague has asked me forward the following enquiry--please direct  
your response to Lhasunuma at yahoo.com.

Thank you in advance for your time,
Namhee Lee

> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to learn more about Korea's central-local finance  
> system, and redistributive politics. My dissertation is on Japan,  
> but I want to learn more about these issues in Korea to see if I  
> may be able to include it in a comparative chapter for the  
> dissertation. Any advice, suggestions, and leads anyone can provide  
> would be deeply appreciated as I am very new to the study of Korean  
> politics. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my email  
> and consider my request...I look forward to your responses, and  
> request that you email directly at Lhasunuma at yahoo.com
> All the best,
> Linda Choi Hasunuma
> Linda C. Hasunuma
> PhD Candidate, Dept. of Political Science, UCLA
> & Visiting Professor, Loyola Marymount University
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