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The Korea Institute, Harvard University, is poised to announce the publication of the first number of Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature and Culture, but although the books have been printed for some weeks now, they are not yet available in the US. In fact Amazon.com does not even know about the book, although they announce books that are to be published late next year! All in due time, of course!
But people who are extremely impatient to get a copy (Christmas presents?) can purchase all they want online through the Seoul Selection home page 
 , or by visiting the Seoul Selection bookstore in person if residing in Seoul. Be warned, at 415 pages it is not a pocket-book. but it is a wonderful piece of work. beautifully designed and printed.
Seoul Selection announces it thus:
AZALEA is a fabulous anthology that offers really good English translations of 8 short stories by such well-known contemporary Korean writers as Kim Young-ha, Park Min-gyu and Hwang Sun-won, and of poems by 11 poets including Ko Un, Kim Chiha,and Kim Seung-Hui, as well as 7 feature articles including one by Nobel-prize-winning Orhan Pamuk.
That does not mention the very fine photos and paintings reproduced within its pages. I must say that this is a remarkable addition to the translated Korean literature available in English and I am looking forward to next year's issue (it being, as it says, a journal . . .). And, yes, it does contain some translations by me, as well as by many others.
Brother Anthony (An Sonjae)
Sogang University, Seoul

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