[KS] the culture of death and life insurance markets in Korea

Namhee Lee namhee at chwe.net
Tue Oct 23 19:30:00 EDT 2007

Dear colleagues:

I have an undergrad student who is currently involved in a research  
project at UCLA who needs help in locating materials related to the  
culture of death and life insurance market in South Korea.  I have  
pasted below her project description and the more specific area where  
she needs help.
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

> Project Title: Culture, Death, and Life Insurance
> Project Description: Life insurance is a peculiar commercial  
> commodity that
> puts a price on priceless human life. When being introduced to a  
> population,
> it always faces strong cultural resistance. This project compares  
> how life
> insurance markets emerged in Japan and China, where the topic of  
> death is a
> cultural taboo. Data collection for the Chinese case is already  
> completed.
> What is needed is information about the formation of the life  
> insurance
> market in Korea and Japan.  Also other relevant materials,  
> including the
> history and the development of the Korean and Japanese life insurance
> market, the culture of death in Korea and Japan, the welfare  
> institutions in
> Korea and Japan. Information about other East Asian life insurance  
> markets,
> such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand may be needed.

Thank you,
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