[KS] Are there any Korean bloggers writing in English, for a global readership?

Richardson richardson at dprkstudies.org
Fri Aug 22 05:18:35 EDT 2008

Dr. Foster-Carter,

At least two;

Ask A Korean

Seoul Searcher


Afostercarter at aol.com wrote:
> Dear friends and colleagues,
> Now that the blogosphere is so active, especially in South Korea,
> I wonder: *Are there any _Koreans_ who blog, _in English_, to*
> *comment on and explain matters Korean to a global audience*
> *which still remains overwhelmingly ignorant of Korea?*
> Despite the volume and intensity of Koreans' own online debates,
> the English-language blogs known to me are exclusively expatriate.
> With all respect to the Marmot et al (www.rj*koehler*.com), it would
> be good - nay, it's essential - to have specifically Korean perspectives
> as well; perhaps especially at this time of much misunderstanding.
> I hope this is just my own ignorance, and would welcome all
> enlightenment, leads, tips, URLs, etc.
> Best wishes
> Aidan
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