[KS] Are there any Korean bloggers writing in English, for a global readership?

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Dear Aidan and all,

I recommend checking out Global Voices
a project which recruits bloggers from all over the world to undertake the
task of culling and aggregating content from blogs (as well as podcasts,
wikis, etc) in their respective countries and contexts.

This is not to discount the questions raised by John and Stephen about what
defines a "Korean" blog. But I appreciate the crux of Aidan's original
inquiry about blogs that mediate between online debates in Korean and a
global -- or at least English-literate -- readership.

The GVO site maintains separate, but apparently overlapping, blog queues for
South Korea <http://globalvoicesonline.org/-/world/east-asia/south-korea/>and
Korea <http://globalvoicesonline.org/-/world/east-asia/north-korea/>, though
the same person edits both.  Incidentally, the editor for Korean blogs Hyejin
currently based in Singapore.

>From what I can tell, GVO is not strictly "academic," but it often follows
serious public-interest issues and interesting trends. I don't know Hyejin
Kim personally, but I've read that she has a PhD in International Affairs
from Rutgers and has recently published _Jia: A Novel about North Korea_.

In case any of the embedded links above are broken, here are the URLS:

All best,

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 7:23 AM,  <Afostercarter at aol.com> wrote:
> Dear friends and colleagues,
> Now that the blogosphere is so active, especially in South Korea,
> I wonder: Are there any Koreans who blog, in English, to
> comment on and explain matters Korean to a global audience
> which still remains overwhelmingly ignorant of Korea?
> Despite the volume and intensity of Koreans' own online debates,
> the English-language blogs known to me are exclusively expatriate.
> With all respect to the Marmot et al (www.rjkoehler.com), it would
> be good - nay, it's essential - to have specifically Korean perspectives
> as well; perhaps especially at this time of much misunderstanding.
> I hope this is just my own ignorance, and would welcome all
> enlightenment, leads, tips, URLs, etc.
> Best wishes
> Aidan
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