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David Mason mntnwolf at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 03:06:23 EST 2008

Upcoming activities of Seoul's Royal Asiatic Society -
Korea that would be of interest to Korean-Studiers, 
including some Late-Winter Tours and a Lecture-Meeting
on Journalism in Korea: 

Sat Feb 23rd:  Fortune Tellers and Exotic Shrines Tour
On this tour, we will visit exotic shrines in Seoul such as
the Dong-myo, Waryong-myo, & Guksa-dang shrines. Also we
will visit the fortune tellers - be prepared with your
birth-data and get your yearly fortunes told!  Led by 
David A. Mason, an authority on Korea's Shamanism, 
Daoism and Tourism.

Sun February 24th:  Deok-san Provincial Park Tour 
with Sudeok-sa Temple and Seosan Triad 
This is a perfect chance to leave the city and enjoy the
countryside to see some great rural scenery.  This tour 
will combine sites of historical interest and religious 
importance with a scenic countryside drive.  We will 
visit the famous Sudeok-sa Buddhist Temple in beautiful
Deok-san Provincial Park, and then head to Seosan County
to see the Seosan Buddha-Triad rock sculpture, which are
famous for their unique smiles and considered by art
experts as the finest extant Baekje-era stone carvings.

Tuesday, February 26th:  RAS-K Lecture-Meeting, featuring
Mr. A. Lin Neumann (25 years as a journalist, now Chief 
Editor of the JoongAng Daily, currently Korea's only 
foreign editor in a decision-making position)  speaking 
on "Practicing Journalism in a Dual-Language, Dual-
Culture Environment."  He will focus on the very real 
practical and cultural differences between US-style 
journalism and the approach taken in a Korean newsrooms.
7:30 pm in the 2nd-floor Resident's Lounge of the Somerset
Palace, Anguk-dong (just north of Jogye-sa), Seoul.  Free
for RAS Members, w5000 donation requested from others.

Sat March 1st:  Independence Movement Day Tour:  
Onyang Folk Museum, Hyeonchung-sa Shrine and the 
Independence Hall – A pleasant and educational day in 
Chungcheong-namdo celebrating Korea's Independence 
Movement Day.  We will visit the folk museum in Onyang, 
the huge Hyeonchung-sa Shrine to Admiral Yi Sun-shin 
(on the w100 coin) and the Independence Hall (museum).

Sun March 2nd:  
Naejang-sa Temple in Naejang-san National Park Tour
We will take this good early-spring opportunity to visit
the beautiful Naejang-san National Park, just as the
flowers begin to bloom.  Within the park, we will see 
the famous Naejang-sa (Hidden-Within Temple).

Being a member of the Royal Asiatic Society - Korea has 
many benefits, including free attendance of interesting
Lectures, receiving newsletters of activities, discounts
on great Tours of Korea's most beautiful and fascinating
places led by experts, discounts on books about all 
Korean subjects in English, and more.  Everyone involved 
with Korean Studies who speaks English would do well to
join this 108-year-old scholarly organization.

For more information, call 763-9483 in Seoul during 
business hours, write to raskb at kornet.net or visit our 
website http://www.raskb.com/

David A. Mason  
Professor of Korean Tourism, KyungHee University
Office #710, College of Hotel and Tourism Management
Phone: 02-961-0852    Mobile: 011-9743-9753

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