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2008 Call for  Papers
Korean Religions Group of the  American Academy of Religion
The Korean Religions  Group invites paper proposals on the theme of religion 
and violence both in  traditional and modern contexts. The variations of the 
topic include but are not  limited to religion and militarism; religion and 
torture; post-Korean War and  religions; religion and student movement in Korea; 
religion and  authoritarianism; religion and military dictatorship; and 
religious militia.  Interreligious dialogue or religion and science can also be 
subfields of the  theme. Korean Religions Group also invites a panel proposal for 
a book review  session on recent publications in Korean religions, a panel on 
a focused group  discussion on Korean religions, or a panel on educating 
Korean religions.   
The deadline is  February 25, 2008. 
The submission should  be done online.  To submit, please follow these  
1) Go to the American  Academy of Religion web site (_www.aarweb.org_ 
(http://www.aarweb.org/) ) 
2) Click 2008 Annual  Meeting Call for Papers 
3) Click Browse by  Program Unit and Type 
4) Click Korean  Religions Group 
5) Click Online (for  the method of submission) 
6) Click a New  Proposal 
7) Click Individual  Paper Proposal (or Paper Session Proposal) 
8) Provided the  requested information 
Thank you. 
Tim Lee, co-chair (Brite  Divinity School, Texas Christian University) 
Jin Young Park  (American University) 

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