[KS] Choson Dynasty Sexuality

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Sun Feb 24 11:13:31 EST 2008

Hi Suzy!

It would be good if you could narrow this down a little. What kind of 
texts are you looking for? And what kind of scholarly work, covering 
what aspects? There is a lot out there on such topics as sexuality in 
Choson period 'shamanism', folk tales, jokes, fine arts, etc. A 
simple online search in any larger library database should already 
give you plenty of entries. There are also some works in English and 
French, e.g. a dissertation on Korean sex jokes.


>Does anyone know if there were any texts produced during the Choson 
>Dynasty dealing with issues of sexuality, i.e. sex practices, 
>homosexuality, etc.?  Also, if there are any scholarly works dealing 
>with this topic you can recommend, I'd greatly appreciate it.
>Thank you!

Frank Hoffmann

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