[KS] Choson Dynasty Sexuality

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"KogUm soch'ong" (고금소총), published in late Choson, contains many what Koreans call "yuktam" (육담 or "flesh talks"). Although I have not seen anything, there should be a few modern versions published in Korea. Around 1992, I saw an Enlish version (mimiographed, I believe but not sure) at a UC Berkeley library (probably main one). I do not remember the title or other bibliographic information. Hancha for 고금소총 is: old, present, laugh, collection (sorry, my computer cannot type Hancha).

Yong-ho Choe

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> Howard Levy translated a section of a Korean work and published it 
> under the title, Korean Sex Jokes in Traditional Times. (The Warm-
> Soft Village Press, 1972). Amazon.com has a copy.
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> Does anyone know if there were any texts produced during the 
> Choson Dynasty dealing with issues of sexuality, i.e. sex 
> practices, homosexuality, etc.?  Also, if there are any scholarly 
> works dealing with this topic you can recommend, I'd greatly 
> appreciate it.
> Thank you!
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