[KS] The 16th Cultural Program for Foreign Students and Scholars in Korean Studies

J.Scott Burgeson jsburgeson at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 16 00:22:44 EST 2008

--- Nansook Jung <yojh at aks.ac.kr> wrote:
> The Academy of Korean Studies is pleased to announce
> its 2008 Cultural
> Program for Foreigners. As an important part of the
> mission of AKS is to
> cultivate scholars and young leaders who can
> contribute to the development
> of Korean studies,...

> Qualifications and Application Requirements 
> 1. Undergraduate students of second year or above
> and/or graduate students
> in Korean studies

One wonders if these kinds of programs would not be
more effective if  the limit to students and academics
were not opened up to include independent scholars,
critics, journalists, novelists and other writers
outside the academy but still professionally dedicated
to the field of Korean studies. Ditto for research and
language-study grants here, which are also almost
always strictly limited to academics.

Is it any wonder that number of books on Korea and
Korean culture aimed at a wider and more popular
audience in the West is so relatively impoverished, in
comparison to those produced about neighboring
countries like Japan and China, for instance?

Just my two cents, of course.

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