[KS] The 16th Cultural Program for Foreign Students and Scholars in Korean Studies

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Mon Jan 14 19:15:59 EST 2008

The 16th Cultural Program for Foreign Students and Scholars in Korean

The Academy of Korean Studies is pleased to announce its 2008 Cultural
Program for Foreigners. As an important part of the mission of AKS is to
cultivate scholars and young leaders who can contribute to the development
of Korean studies, the Academy has organized this intensive cultural
program for those in Korean Studies. The cultural program is composed of
various components such as special lectures on Korea, intensive readings
and discussions in Korean, field trips, excursions, and traditional
cultural activities. 

Program Period
July 24 - August 21, 2008 (4 weeks)

Language of the Program
The entire program will be conducted in Korean. It is crucial that
participants have sufficient fluency in Korean to understand undergraduate
level lectures and participate in discussions.

Qualifications and Application Requirements 
1. Undergraduate students of second year or above and/or graduate students
in Korean studies
a) Application Form with a photo (3.5 X 4.5 cm): You can download the form
from our website at http://www.aks.ac.kr/EngHome.

Download : http://www.aks.ac.kr/eng_home/upload/notice_file/Application2008.
b) All official university transcripts: Photocopies are not acceptable.
Records of all courses must be in Korean or English. 
c) A copy of the score report for Korean language proficiency: Applicants
are required to submit their score on the Korean Proficiency Test conducted
by Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation (http://www.kice.re.kr) or
the evaluation sheet included in the application form. 
d) Letter of Recommendation (1)
※ Letters of recommendation should be submitted in a sealed and signed
envelope with application.

2. Professional researchers and/or university lecturers in Korean Studies
a) Application Form with a photo 
b) Certificate of Employment
c) Curriculum Vitae

* Applicants should initially send these documents by E-mail or fax and
subsequently send the original documents by mail no later than March 31

Period of submission 
February 1 - March 31. 2008
Applications received after the deadline will be considered for the
following year's program.

Notification of the Acceptance 
Applicants will be notified of their acceptance after the Selection
Committee has completed the review of applications. Acceptance letters will
be sent to those accepted by April 20 by e-mail and announced at www.aks.ac.

Financial Support
The Academy of Korean Studies will cover the cost of registration, courses,
accommodations, and meals during the program as well as expenses incurred
during field trips and excursions. All participants are responsible for
their travel expenses to and from Korea.

Arrival and Departure
Participants should arrange their travel to arrive and depart Korea within
a period of 2 days before and after the program. All participants are
expected to arrange their transportation between the AKS and the airport.

Participants will have access to the facilities of the Academy, including
the library, photocopy room, tennis courts, and so on.

Contact Address 
Ms. Nansook Jung
International Support Division
The Center for Information on Korean Culture
The Academy of Korean Studies
50 Unjung-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 463-791 Korea 
Tel : +82-31-709-9843 / Fax : +82-31-709-9945 / E-mail : lovekorea at aks.ac.kr


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