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This online history course may be of great interest to your membership. --
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Harvard Online: The Two Koreas

January 25, 2008

Beginning January 31, students living anywhere in the world can examine
key historical forces that have created and shaped the two Koreas before,
during, and after the actual partition of the country in 1945 in a new
Harvard Extension School online course, HIST E-1814 The Two Koreas.
Harvard's Carter J. Eckert, PhD, Yoon Se Young Professor of Korean
History, offers students a broad historical context in which to understand
the contemporary political division on the Korean peninsula.

Topics include nascent nation-building efforts between 1876 and 1910, the
impact of Japanese colonialism and the cold war, and North/South
development and interaction after 1948. The course interweaves political,
socioeconomic, and cultural themes within a historical framework centered
on nation-building while also highlighting a number of major
historiographical issues in modern Korean history.

Lectures are from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences course
Historical Study A-75, recorded for viewing online through streaming video
by Harvard Extension School students. Students receive the same course
materials and assessments as in the original course.

Tuition for this course is noncredit and undergraduate credit $700;
graduate credit $1,625. Students can register through February 3, or
through Februrary 10 with late fee. 

For more information about HIST E-1814 The Two Koreas visit:

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