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The Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies would like to announce the
December 31, 2007, publication of the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies,
Volume 20, Number 2. Free copies may be requested by sending an email with
your address to kiks at snu.ac.kr  or by mail to: KIKS - Kyujanggak -
Sillim-dong San 56-1, Kwanak-gu, Seoul.

This volume includes three articles from the field of Korean History:

-Sem Vermeersch analyzes the historiographical aspects of stelae as a genre
to provide a framework for better understanding early Korean Buddhism in his
article, "The Eminent Koryŏ Monk: Stele Inscriptions as Sources for the
Lives and Careers of Koryŏ Monks."

-Song Kiho addresses the history of literacy on the Korean peninsula, using
a variety of sources to present a comparative evaluation of literary
development in the Three Kingdoms period in "Ancient Literacy: Compariosn
and Periodization."

-Haruka Matsuda's "A Clash of Empires in East Asia: The Geneva Conference on
Korea, 1954" brings our attention to a more recent event in Korean history,
providing a fresh evaluation of an event that is sometimes overlooked in
regard to its impact on the course of world history in the second half of
the 20th century.

In addition, this issue includes two feature essays:

-Martina Deuchler offers her insights on her long and distinguished career
in the field of Korean Studies in "Some Reminiscences on Forty Years of
Research in Korea."

-Károly Fendler unearths a wealth of archival resources that offer a unique
perspective on the critical period of Korea's early modernization and
colonization in "Austro-Hungarian Archival Sources of Korean History

We would also like to issue our call for papers for Vol. 21, Number 1, to be
published on June 30, 2008. Articles from all fields of study are welcome,
as long as their main focus is on Korea.

Electronic manuscripts should be sent to seoul.journal at gmail.com in
accordance with the submission guidelines found in the following pdf file:

Submissions are due by April 1, 2008.
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