[KS] RAS Lecture on Korea's Progress Towards Transparency, and some Mid-Winter Tours

David Mason mntnwolf at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 05:32:49 EST 2008

Upcoming Royal Asiatic Society–Korea activities of 
potential interest to those who Study Korea:

Sat February 2nd:  Sobaek-San National Park Tour with
Huibang-Sa and Guin-Sa Temples
After a bus-ride down thru the scenic Jecheon / Danyang
region, we’ll take a pleasant hike through the scenic
Sobaek-san National Park, visiting the historic temples
Huibang-sa (with lovely icy water-fall) and Guin-sa
(Cheontae Order; biggest non-Jogye temple in Korea!).

Sun February 3rd: Jeonju Area Tour with Moak-san Geumsan-sa
and Hansol Paper Museum
We will head to Moak-san Provincial Park, where we will
visit Korea’s largest ancient standing broze statue at
Geumsan-sa (recently featured in beautiful photos on this
blog) and then the Hansol Paper Museum in Jeonju, where you
can make a sheet of your own mulberry-fiber paper.  Led by
long-time expat Daniel Adams!

Wed-Thurs February 6-7th:  Seorak-San National Park Tour
(Gangwon-do Snow Scenery Tour)
This is Korea’s premier national park, containing some of
the most superb natural scenery to be found on the
peninsula.  This is definitely a "must" during your stay in
Korea and once you have experienced it, you will want to
return time and time again.

Friday February 8th:  Korean Spa Tour at Dragon Hill 
With the advent of Hallyu (Korean Wave) in China and Japan,
Korean Spa experience (Jchim-jil-bang) had been enjoying
its popularity ever since. Korean bathhouses- or
Jchim-jil-bang is one recent Korean phenomenon. It is a
whole new concept of total relaxation in public. There
could not be a better way to wash away the past and pamper
yourself for the upcoming new lunar year.

Sat-Sun February 9th-10th: Yeosu Peninsula Tour 
The city of Yeosu (meaning "Beautiful Waters"), endowed
with natural beauty along its coast, has succeeded in
hosting the 2012 International Exposition, featuring the
theme of "The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of
Resources and Sustainable Activities".  RAS, to celebrate
that success, offers you this Lunar-NY-weekend tour to the
Yeosu Peninsula. It will include the stunning Hyangil-am
"Sunrise Temple", a must-visit site!

Tuesday Feb 12th:  Lecture-Meeting featuring Mr. Sung-Goo
who is Secretary-General of Transparency International
Korea, local branch of the leading global anti-corruption
movement NGO.   He'll have some interesting and probably
controversial things to say about the progress being made,
albeit too slowly, on good governance, integrity and
reduction of corruption — while still maitaining rapid
development — including the changing public attitudes on
these issues.  7:30pm in the Resident’s Lounge of the
Somerset Palace Residence near Anguk Metro Station, as
usual.  Free for Members, w5000 donation requested from

If you’re interested in Korea in at least an academic way,
becoming an RAS Member is a good idea to get discounts and
information on books and activities (all conducted in
English) all year long. More info on any of this: our
website and 963-9483 (10am-5pm, Seoul time).

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