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Dear List Members,
I just got this query, and since my only connection to traditional Korean food is to enjoy
eating it, I thought I would forward this to you (with the original writer's permission) and see
if you could offer any assistance.


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 Subject: query about Korean traditional food
   Dear Professor Fenkl,?

I am writing on the recommendation of Kyung Cho, one of my colleagues
at Bard High School Early College, who suggested that you might be able
to help me. I am a French historian and am teaching this semester a
course on food culture and history. I went to Korea last summer, in
part seeking a relatively stable food culture and would like to use
Korea as a case study of the tug of war between traditional foods and
the global, imported, and "fast." There is some interesting work in
English on the latter, but I am having trouble finding a good account
(in English) on the principles of Korean traditional food and its
relation to medicine. Would you happen to know a monograph, article or
non-academic book that you might recommend? Ultimately, I want
something to assign to my students (who are terrific and can handle
just about anything I give them) but I'll happy track down any
recommendations you might have!?
 Many thanks!  Rene?
 Rene Marion?
 Professor of History?
 Bard High School Early College?
 525 E. Houston St.?
 New York, NY 11220?
 ph:  212.995.8479 ext. 4082?
 fax: 212.777.4702?
 rmarion at bhsec.bard.edu? 
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