[KS] Poets (Py^onsa?) of the Unreeled: CinePoetry Extravaganza 2/1 & 2/2 in NYC

Serk Bae Suh suhsb at uci.edu
Thu Jan 31 14:47:13 EST 2008

Dear Koreanists,

I am forwarding the message below for Walter Lew, the scholar of Korean 
literature, multimedia artist, and poet.


Serk Bae Suh

For those of you in the NY-area intrigued by the once-popular Korean 
practice of live narration of film, I invite you to enjoy a show taking 
place this weekend in Brooklyn and the Lower Eastside. In Korea, the 
"movietellers" were known as py^onsa  (cf. Roald Maliangkay's article at 
while the Japanese performers were known as benshi. In organizing the 
show, I was often guided--though sometimes very abstractly--by my own 
research in the history of movietelling, especially my interviews in 
Seoul of the supposed "majimak py^onsa" Shin Ch'ul. Hope to see some of 
you there! Present student ID for half-price admission.

POETS OF THE UNREELED! A CinePoetry & Performance Extravaganza

MULTIMEDIA POETS, artists, and musicians Linh Dinh, Wang Ping, Mark 
Nowak & Ian Teh, Paolo Javier (with Ernest Concepcion & Mike Estabrook), 
Jeremy James Thompson, Kate Ann Heidelbach, dennis M. somera, and Dillon 
Westbrook give live narrations of classic films, screen new videos, pay 
homage to jazz drummers, and redraw on-stage some present scenes. 
Curated by Walter K. Lew for shadoWord productions 

Friday, Feb. 1st, 7-9 pm.
At the Galapagos Art Space. $6.
70 North 6th St., between Kent and Wythe, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
3.5 blocks from the Bedford Ave. stop of the L train.
For further info, see <www.galapagosartspace.com 

Saturday, Feb. 2nd, Midnight-2 am.
At the Bowery Poetry Club. $8.
308 Bowery, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
More info at <http://www.bowerypoetry.com/>.

For some recent work by the participating poets and performers, see:

LINH DINH <www.archive.org/details/3ByLinhDinh>

WANG PING <www.wangping.com/>

IAN TEH <www.ianteh.com/>

MARK NOWAK <www.xcp.bfn.org/journal.html>

Short Video <www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2wj37EabqU 
<www.artcodex.org/mike_estabrook/ <http://www.artcodex.org/mike_estabrook/>>

PAOLO JAVIER <www.obooks.com/books/60lvboembs.htm>
Editor <www.2ndavepoetry.com/>

ERNEST CONCEPCION <www.artcodex.org/kangarok/index.html>

JEREMY JAMES THOMPSON <www.autotypograph.com/>

KATE ANN HEIDELBACH & dennis M. somera 

WALTER K. LEW <www.as.miami.edu/english/mfa/lew.htm>

DILLON WESTBROOK <http://prosodycastle.blogspot.com/>

* * *
/CONTACT:/ Walter K. Lew <wlew at miami.edu <mailto:wlew at miami.edu>>

POETS OF THE UNREELED: A CinePoetry & Performance Extravaganza
*For more info, go to <www.myspace.com/shadoword>.*

Walter K. Lew
Dept. of English
University of Miami
P.O. Box 248145
Coral Gables, FL 33124
<wlew at miami.edu <mailto:wlew at miami.edu>>

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