[KS] Cahiers de Coree issue 8 (2007) released

Benjamin Joinau joinau at chollian.net
Wed Jan 30 14:25:33 EST 2008

This is a message from Benjamin Joinau, co-editor of Les Cahiers de Corée, a yearly periodical on Korea published in French since 1998 in Seoul. The last issue (n°8, 2007) has been released last December and is now available. It is on sale in Seoul and in Paris (10 000 KRW or 10 euro). You can visit our blog (ateliercoree.canalblog.com) or Web site (www.cahiersdecoree.com <http://www.cahiersdecoree.com/> ) to find where it is available. You can also purchase it through Ebay (free shipping). This issue offers extracts from the cult book by Chris Marker “Coréennes” about North Korea and a previously unpublished postface of the book; a text about Korean paper making by Dard Hunter written in 1936; 3 versions of the same tale (Korean original, French and English version by Jack London); a special file about the first Koreans in Paris at the end of the 19th century: Hong Jong-u, Prince Min Yong-ik, Li Tsin, etc.
Thank you in advance for your interest and support for this publication.
Benjamin JOINAU
For L’Atelier des Cahiers
Yongsan-gu Itaewon-dong 119-28
Seoul, South Korea
Tel/fax : (822) 795-2465
Cell phone : (82) 11-9905-0696
E-mail : joinau at chollian.net
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