[KS] Ideas for Funding for High School Program on Korea?

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> I just received this great letter from one of the teachers I met last
> summer as an assistant instructor for the Summer Program for American
> Educators (Korea Foundation, Institute of Modern Korean Studies, Yonsei
> University).  I really enjoyed working for this program because I believe
> one of the best ways to increase interest and knowledge about Korea is to
> communicate to kids when they're still in middle and high school-- and I
> hope some of them will want to continue learning in university giving all of
> us more student demand for classes on Korea.  This teacher wants to bring
> some of his best students to Korea.  I was wondering if anyone on the list
> had any ideas for where he should look for funding.  The letter is below.
> You could reply directly to him (Reggie Grigsby - reggrigsby at msn.com).
> Any responses on the list I'll forward to him.
> CedarBough
> p.s. to reduce the size of the email I had to delete the student's PPT file
> attachment.
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> From: Reginald Grigsby <reggrigsby at msn.com>
> Date: Jul 1, 2008 9:46 AM
> Subject: RE: DMZ trying again
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> Good Morning!!!   I apologize for taking some time to get this to you, but
> this is how my unit on Korea went.  I presented the students with notes on
> North and South Korea, which was followed by our video from the Korea
> Foundation of our stay.   I completed a bulletin board in my classroom of
> pictures from my trip and called it 'World Without Strangers:  South
> Korea'.  I explained the photos to my students in detail.  Students worked
> on a group activity that focused on products from Korea that we use here in
> the United States on a daily basis from electronics, automobiles, to hair
> from the Korean beauty stores.
> Lastly, the students completed a powerpoint presentation on Korea.  The
> students worked on this project for one month.  The students prepared skits
> to demonstrate Korean culture and etiquette and manners in regards to
> respect and custom.   We stayed overnight at Hostelling International in
> downtown Chicago, and we prepared a traditional Korean dish and invited 10
> people visiting Chiicago to join us for dinner, four of which were retired
> Korean businessmen.  Dinner consisted of bulgogi, kimchee, chicken stew, and
> lettuce wraps with tofu.  The students prepared all the meals with the
> supervisions of students from a local culinary institute.
> After dinner, the students presented their powerpoint and skits.  The
> responses were extremely positive.   My school population is 100%
> African-American, and I teach in one to the most economically-surpressed
> neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, the Englewood community.  My students
> embraced the opportunity of learning about a different culture and because I
> was given the opportunity to participate in the Korean Studies Workshop for
> American Educators Summer 2007, I was able to share all what I learned with
> my students.
> I would like to take ten of my students to South Korea for a week during
> the Summer of 2009.   These would be the students, myself, and another
> chaperone.  However, due to the economic status of my student population
> this seems more like an unrealsitic dream. So, I am trying to find any
> possible means to finance a trip for my students and myself.   This would be
> the opportunity of a lifetime for my students.
> Any assistance or recommendations you could offer me would be most
> appreciated.  I am forwarding the powerpoint my students created, and I can
> send you pictures of my bulletin board and students at the hostel overnight.
> Thank you,
> Reginald Grigsby
> Social Science Teacher
> John Hope College Preparatory High School
> (773) 535-3160--school
> (773) 494-9130--cell

Cedar Bough Saeji
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