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Mon Jul 7 03:59:55 EDT 2008

Dear List Members,

I thought I should give you all a heads up that the following story

-           편혜영 <사육장 쪽으로>

one of the 3 recommended for the contest, has already been translated

by Yoosup Chang and yours truly. It will appear in AZALEA #2 next 


If you are a new translator, I am assuming you would eventually want to

publish the translation you do for the contest. Since AZALEA is currently

the major venue for literary translations in the U.S. (and because editors

of most literary journals will want to know if a previous English translation

of a submitted work already exists in print), you may want to keep these

facts in mind as you select your story. 

Best wishes,

Heinz Insu Fenkl

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