[KS] Reminder: 2009 AKSE Conference Call for Papers

Koen De Ceuster koen.de.ceuster at telenet.be
Fri Jul 18 05:15:19 EDT 2008

Dear all,


I am sending you the call for papers for the 2009 AKSE Conference, to be held in Leiden, 17-21 June 2009 for a second time as the deadline for submission of paper/panel proposals (31 August 2008) is nearing.


Those of you who wish to attend the conference should notify the organizer (akse2009 at gmail.com). Second notices will only be sent to those who have indicated their interest in attending the conference. Please find below the first call for papers.


In responding, do not reply to the list, but to the specially created email account akse2009 at gmail.com.


Koen De Ceuster

2009 AKSE Conference organizer 




17—21 June 2009

call for papers and first notice


The Centre for Korean Studies, Leiden University, will host the 24th Biennial Conference of the Association for Korean Studies in Europe from 17-21 June, 2009 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Leiden, The Netherlands.


Submissions in all areas of Korean Studies are welcome. Proposals should indicate the subject area they wish to be filed under, i.e. Pre-modern History, Modern History, Modern Korean Society, Religions and Philosophy, Linguistics, Anthropology and Folklore, Literature, and Arts and Archaeology. 


Both individual and panel proposals can be submitted, though preference goes out to panel proposals. Panels should consist of up to four presenters. The panel organizer should submit a panel proposal, indicating the organizer’s name and affiliation, the panel title, key words and a (max) 1,000 word abstract. The panel organizer should also provide a list of panel participants (both presenters and discussant) and their institutional affiliation and 500 word abstracts of the respective panel papers.

Individual paper submissions should state title, key words and subject area, a (max) 1,000 word abstract and the name and affiliation of the presenter.


Paper abstracts can be submitted in English, Korean, French or German.


Proposals must be submitted as an email attachment (preferably Word) by 31 August 2008. Please use your last name as document title (as in DeCeuster.doc)


Following a screening process, those who have submitted paper or panel proposals will be notified by November 2008 whether their paper/panel has been accepted or not.

Full papers should be sent to the Secretary before 30 April 2009.


Dr. Koen De Ceuster

Centre for Korean Studies

Leiden University

2300 RA Leiden

The Netherlands


akse2009 at gmail.com


The second notice will only be sent to those who have indicated their intention to participate in the conference by filling out and returning the following page to:


akse2009 at gmail.com.



2009 Biennial AKSE CONFERENCE,

17—21 June, 2009



1. I intend to attend the 2009 AKSE Conference in Leiden


Name (surname in capital letters):


Title: Prof., Dr., Mr., Ms.


Academic Affiliation and Address:




Postal Address (if different from above):




E-mail Address:


Telephone (work):


Telephone (home):                                          Fax:



2. I would like to present a panel / a paper at the 2009 Biennial Conference


Title of the panel/paper:





For further information on the conference, and on the screening criteria and process, consult the AKSE Homepage: http://www.akse.uni-kiel.de <http://www.akse.uni-kiel.de/> 


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