[KS] Korean Shakespeare-movies or -dramas?

Jan Creutzenberg jannberg at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jul 18 18:24:40 EDT 2008

Dear Koreanists,

I am a student of theatre and currently working on a paper about the  
Korean reception of Shakespeare's plays. Cinematic adaptions may have  
an important influence on the way Shakespeare was and is seen in  
Korea. While foreign Shakespeare-movies were shown in Korea  
(beginning with Beerbohm Tree as Macbeth in 1917) as far as I know  
there exist no Korean movies that are based on Shakespeare.

Is this correct? I'm also interested in movies and TV-dramas that  
deal with performances of Shakespeare plays as part of their plot. Do  
You know anything that could help me?

Greetings, Jan Creutzenberg
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