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Marko Rajakko marko.rajakko at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 14:40:56 EDT 2008

Dear members,

I am rather disappointed in this whole Dokdo/Takeshima matter. Needless to
say, I am not too impressed how it has been handled in the past and present,
either. It seems to me that the same issue keeps coming back year after year
without a permanent solution nowhere in sight. This issue, a non-issue if
you ask me, causes a lot of unnecessary friction between the two nations in
question. The same can be said about the Japanese PM's visits to Yasukuni
Shrine and that the Japanese government has not offered sincere apologies
for past crimes. In my opinion, and I am sure I am not the only one, there
are many more pressing problems in Korea to battle with than who is the
rightful owner of Dokto/Takeshima.

I do not know how often the Japanese media mentions Takeshima, but I believe
that their Korean counterpart mentions Dokdo at least on a weekly basis. I
understand that many Koreans - at least those groups who voice out their
concerns - are very emotional about this issue. I do not know how strongly
the "Average Kim" struggling with worsening economy and increased prices of
food, rent and gas might feel about this matter, though. Most of the people
I know (mid 20s - mid 30s) are more interested of finding employment,
reasonably priced housing and sending their children to the best schools
they can afford.

If the ROK's case was really waterproof, I think that they would have taken
this issue to the International Court by now. (The same goes naturally with
Japan as well.) Obviously ROK's case is not as solid as they would like it
to be. Besides, why would they risk losing the islets in a court of law when
they already have acquired them by force? As far as I know, the possibly
negative ruling could not force Korea to leave the islets, but it would
still be a major blow to the government and the nation as a whole. Even more
so, if the Korean government decided to go against the ruling and keep
occupying the islets by force. I hope that this issue will be settled soon.
I just wish that the agreement can be reached before anything too drastic

I would like to recommend to all who are interested about this matter to
visit a blog owned by Mr. Gerry Bevers. His blog
http://dokdo-or-takeshima.blogspot.com/ has many interesting maps posted on
it. Be warned that sometimes the discussion gets quite heated!

Marko Rajakko, Finland

PS. I remember seeing a approx. 20 piece puzzle with a picture of Dokdo and
a slogan we all know all too well in Ilsan's Carrefour department store.
Obviously you have to start to teach children about this issue when they are
still very young.
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