[KS] Korean Shakespeare-movies or -dramas?

Jan Creutzenberg jannberg at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Jul 19 11:02:39 EDT 2008

Thanks for Your help! I have read Jong-hwan Kim's dissertation and  
several other texts about theatrical performances of Shakespeare in  
Korea and I was surprised about the various forms of adaption (e.g.  
there were Shakespearean musicals and dance-pieces as well as more  
conventional performances). I could not, however, get any information  
about adaptions in the cinema or on TV. So notes like this one:

> You may also look at the (very popular) 2007 MBC
> series "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince." Story
> line reminds of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night."

(Frank Hoffmann)

are exactly what I am looking for...

In addition highschool-productions of "Romeo & Juliet" are a common  
thing to see in many American teenage-movies or soap-operas, so I  
thought that maybe something similar can be found in Korean dramas...

Greetings, Jan Creutzenberg
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