[KS] Korean Shakespeare-movies or -dramas?

Darcy Paquet darcy at koreanfilm.org
Sat Jul 19 12:18:34 EDT 2008

Dear Jan,

In Jang Jin's 2001 film GUNS & TALKS ("Killeodeul-ui suda"), 
an assassin shoots an actor playing Hamlet just as his 
character dies on stage (if I remember correctly).  The 
whole sequence is quite impressively shot, and they show 
several scenes from the play before the gun is fired.

The best way to search for Shakespeare references in Korean 
films is to go to www.kmdb.or.kr and search for terms like 
"Hamlet" and "Romeo" in Korean.  I see that there is a 1980 
film called RUN BALLOON ("Dallyeora pungseon") in which the 
main character plays Romeo in a university play.  Seems like 
a pretty obscure movie, but apparently the film archive has 
prints in their collection.

That database even turns up student films.  It's a pretty 
amazing resource.

Darcy Paquet

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