[KS] Korean online article database ?

Seang Ill Bae PBae at uamail.albany.edu
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Hello All.

Here's my two cents on this issue.

Actually, http://papersearch.net/ works for those who do not have the
Citizen Residence Card ID. Even though the menu is in Korean, you can
create an account as foreigner from below URL. 


Then, when you need to make a payment, this company accepts 'Overseas
VISA' and 'Overseas Master'. But the next part is a little bit tricky.
When you select overseas credit card option and go next, the form shows
a space for the Citizen Residence Card ID. It seems you have to type ID
to go further. But when you type your credit card number, the space for
Residence Card ID disappears and you can go to the next step. I tested
up to this point but it seems this web site works.

Another thing to know is that for making payment online, you need to
allow an Active X program installed in your computer. It means you have
to use only MS Internet Explorer. In my case, this program changed my
computer's time zone to Korean one so I have to change it back again

If you need further information on Korean Academic DB, check below
message from a Korean Librarians' Community. 


Hope this will be a help. If you have any further question, please let
me know. 
I am happy to answer. Thanks.

Peter Bae (pbae at uamail.albany.edu)
Collections manager/Document delivery specialist
for History and Korean Studies, UAlbany SUNY
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Many thanks, Victoria. You made my day. I had not looked into the 
KRIS database (http://www.riss4u.net/) for years, and I am totally 
amazed how useful this has become now. Even two of the articles I 
wanted to download from the service mentioned in the last posting are 
in there, and access was free in this case. (I have not checked the 
other titles yet.) Again thank you! Also my thanks to Sun Joo ... 
http://papersearch.net/, yes, used that as a bibliography -- but that 
one also requires a (Korean) Citizen Residence Card ID in order to 
create an account and make payments to download articles.


Frank Hoffmann

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