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Miwa Murphy murphymiwa at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 11:05:13 EDT 2008

Hello. I have a booklet issued by Dokdo Research and Preservation
Association & Dokdo Institute (http://www.dokdoinkorea.com/), and it says,

'' 'Eunjusicheonghapgi' published by Japanese government in 1667, which they
claimed as the first document that recorded Dokdo, actually recorded that
Uleungdo (Takeshima in Japanese then) and Dokdo (Matsushima in Japanese
then) belonged to Goryeo and that the northwestern border of Japan is at

Eunjusicheonghapgi must be a Korean translation of a Japanese name. Perhaps
other members on the list could provide more information.

Miwa Murphy

New York

On 7/24/08, utwingnut at gimail.af.mil <utwingnut at gimail.af.mil> wrote:
> Dear List members,
> I understand that the South Koreans have a document (a treaty with Japan
> maybe) dating back to the 1500's, that
> they use to justify thier position that "Dokdo-Takeshima" is historically
> Korean land. Is this true? Can anyone
> enlighten me further on this point?
> V/R
> Michael Knudsen
> Salt Lake City, Utah
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